Cello Lessons and Cello Performance, St. Louis

I Play Cello,
I Teach Cello,
I Love Cello

Welcome and thank you for your visit.

Accepting new students where slots are available. I have some openings in my schedule. I am a professional musician with a performing and teaching life. I teach:

  • All ages* especially ages 7 through senior adults
  • All levels–beginners through advanced
  • Private lessons available for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, an hour, or more (if desired).

Music training is important for the whole person. We learn to think creatively and at look at the world in a whole new way. String playing helps us to develop our brains so that the two hemispheres work better together. We gain skills we can use in other aspects of our lives. As brain research advances we learn more the importance of making music.


*In some cases for kids ages 6 and under I recommend a trained Suzuki teacher for instruction. I am interested in the Suzuki approach and hope someday to have the financial resources to take the training.

St. Louis Cello Teacher and Performer